The Centrum Card System


Are you tired of using

old fashioned punched tape on your drilling equipment?

Still not able to load CAD/CAM
files to your machinery?

Let Centrum Research
change your drilling room.



Tape Emulator


The Tape Emulator System links an IBM PC or compatible to your drilling, routing or programming machine for improved productivity by turning your PC into an electronic tape reader and tape punch. By simulating the punch and reader signals, files can be transferred and received from your NC or CNC machines. Paper tapes are converted to readable ASCII text files for storage on the PC’s disk. Once on disk, the tapes are no longer needed. Simply transfer your drill and rout programs from the PC back to the machine controller.

Installation is a snap. Just place the interface card into one of the PC’s expansion slots and connect the Tape Emulator cables to the port on your tape reader to tape punch. No hardware or software modifications to the machine controller are required.

With the ability to load DOS files, your machines now have an easy way to accept CAD/CAM generated programs for improved drilling accuracy and a dramatic reduction in bomb sighting time. OPIC’s checkmates and drills with on-board programming will output direct to the PC. Part programs that are currently on paper tape, magnetic cassette or proprietary disk can be transferred for storage on to industry standard DOS disks.

Older NC machines will benefit from the increased memory available from the Tape Emulator PC to allow large data files to transfer from the PC’s disk. And a text editor is included which will let the operator modify drill/rout programs before they are loaded to the machine control.

Using the Tape Emulator’s computerized job traveler gives you instant access to feeds and speeds, tool sizes, special notes for the operator and other vital drill information. Typing the job number on the PC will automatically display the traveler screen for that particular drill or rout file as it is loading into the machine.

Circuit board manufacturers needing automated file access can choose the Tape Emulator Network. This easy to use DNC file server incorporates the highly rated Lantastic local area network in both 2Mbps (megabits per second) and 10Mbps Ethernet versions and will provide simultaneous downloading of drill/rout programs to multiple machines. Companies with existing local area network operating systems such as Novell Netware, 3COM 3+ Share, FTP TCP/IP, Sun PC-NFS, IBM PC LAN, Lan Manager and others can tie into each Tape Emulator PC by adding the adapter card normally used for that network

All of these features have made the Tape Emulator System the best selling punch/reader interface in the printed circuit industry. We think you’ll find it’s the easiest way to get the most productivity from the drilling equipment you’ve already got. So contact Custom Drilling Technologies today for more information on how the Tape Emulator System can improve your drill room.

PC Requirements
IBM PC or Compatible
256 KB RAM minimum
Floppy or hard disk
MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA monitor
DOS 3.0 or higher
Input formats (from tape)
Output formats (from PC)
CAD/CAM data requirements
Expansion slot requirement
Network transfer rates
ASCII text, NC format
Half size, 8-bit
2 megabits per second, 10 megabits per second
Features Summary

  • Eliminates paper tape and magnetic cassette
  • Loads CAD/CAM files direct to machine control
  • Allows DOS storage for proprietary disk formats
  • Increases memory capability on older NC machines
  • Provides exceptional LAN integration for DNC networks
Optional Programs
Gerber to NC Translator
Drill Optimizer
Drill Plotter
Converts Gerber photoplot files to NC drill files
Drill path optimization for CAD files
Plots coordinates using a dot matrix or laser printer
Machine interfaces available
Tape readers: Superior Electric Slo-Syn,
Ghielmetti, Remex, Decitek, Sieb & Meyer
Tape punches: Remex, Raytron, GNT, Facit,
Flexwriter teletype, Sieb & Meyer
Magnetic cassettes: Sieb & Meyer
Tape Emulator System includes:
Interface card, cable(s), system disk (5 ¼”, 3 ½”), user’s manual