The staff at Custom Drilling Technologies has several decades of experience in working with the printed circuit board industry as well as sales and customer service.


Timothy Clougherty Started with Excellon in their east coast location. After closing the local office, Tim could see a need for parts and service in the local area. Tim started Custom Drilling Technologies to offer parts, service, and rebuilt machines to local customers and now ships parts and machines worldwide. With Tim’s knowledge of the machines, from a working as well as a technical position he can fully support all of the employees and customers of Custom Drilling Technologies, Inc.
Laura Clougherty With over 20 years experience in managing finances, Laura heads up the accounting department of Custom Drilling Technologies, Inc.  Her experience is a great asset in managing both the receivables and payables.
Gerry Berretta As senior technical support engineer for Excellon, Gerry came to Custom Drilling Technologies, Inc. with expertise in just about everything that had to do with the machines offered. Gerry offers over 12 years of experience with Excellon, five years of direct service work, three years managing, and now over six years with Custom Drilling Technologies, Inc.  A great resource of knowledge, available to our customers and staff, Gerry is the go to person. Gerry offers great over the phone support, able to help solve problems quick and accurately, and knows when on-site service is required.
T Starting out in this industry learning the machines by working on them and then as a technician getting into every detail of the machines, Anthony has first hand knowledge of the inner workings of the machines. Working his way up to managing the department in the company he started in, overseeing several machines at a time, Anthony learned to work on several issues at a time. Anthony has been with Custom Drilling for over five years now and his experience with the machines helps him work with customers.