Custom Drilling Technologies Inc. was established in 1990

Shortly after the company was started it grew too large for that building. The company was moved to a building in Stoneham MA where there was more room to expand and grow the company.


Custom Drilling Technologies Inc. acquired Centrum Research, a company that designed the Centrum Card. The Centrum Card system was designed to eliminate the punch tape reader by using a pc to store the programs for the CNC units to run. With the Centrum Card system there is no worry about tape breaking, stretching, or getting damaged.

In 2001 the company moved into a much larger 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Lynn MA where the company warehouse is now located.  The building in Lynn was a great design for the company, a grocery store in it’s early days, provided large open space for the main shop area where most of the machines are with plenty of work room around them. A section of the building divided into offices and a nicely sectioned off area for the  shipping/receiving and parts department.